Revenue generated by advertisements goes towards server maintenance and for the purchase of new servers. Ads must be targeted and/or related to the general interests of the community. This can include cartoon & animation websites, auction houses (or auctions themselves), products for sale, or general interest items. On occasions, exceptions may be made regarding content, but this is rare and on a case-by-case basis. Ads with animation should be kept to no more than five frames (though exceptions can be made), and may not contain tweened animation. In addition, rapidly flashing and/or obnoxious colors or patterns are NOT permitted.

E-mail me via note on Anim3 regarding the ad, including a description of the ad, the website it targets and how you feel it benefits the community. If approved, I will instruct you to send an example of your ad to me via e-mail. Ads will be reviewed for content and quality before going live. Once approved, I will send you payment instructions via e-mail. Rejected ads will be returned with comments as to why it was declined. You are free to resubmit a revised ad for consideration. Once payment is received, ads will go live within 24 hours.

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